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IMPAQ - Organization
Project leader
- Benni W. Hansen
Workpackage leaders
- Workpakage 1 - Josianne Støttrup
- Workpakage 2 - Thomas Kiørboe
- Workpakage 3 - Kurt Buchmann
- Workpakage 4 - Isabella Buttino
- Workpakage 5 - Kirsten Engel-Sørensen
Workpakage 6 - Max Nielsen
Stakeholder forum
- Green center: Regiona Research and development Center. Poul Madsen (Deputy Manager).
- NIRAS Nature and Environmental Consultant. Carsten Fjorback (senior Consultant).
- Isdro De La Cal Group: Sea Product and Aquaculture Experimental Fish Farm. Dr. Javier Aran Echabe (Research and Development Director).
- Steuding Brand Identity: Corporate Communication Services. Robby Steuding (Director)- TV/Midt-Vest: Rigmor V. Sams (Producer)..
International Scientific Advisory Board
- DANISCO A/S: Food additive, enzymes and animal nutrition. Dr. Stephane Frouël (Scientist, aquaculture animal nutrition)
- DTU food Technical University of Denmark: Research coordinator at Division of Seafood Research. M.Sc. Henrik Jarlbæk
- Technological Institute: Director of Life Sciences. Bo Frølund
- Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center: Proffesor. Patrick Sorgeloos