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Senior ResearcherIsabella Buttino
My research interest is in the field of copepod physiology, mainly reproduction, development and nutrition. In particular, my interest is recently focused to develop innovative techniques to study predator-prey interactions in marine planktonic copepods, such as the use of liposomes as a delivery system for bioactive molecules. New protocols have been developed, for the analysis at the confocal laser scanning microscope, to study some aspects of the copepod reproductive physiology (i.e. apoptosis in embryos and nauplii) in order to better understand the role of chemical interactions between microalgae and copepods. Currently, I am involved in a project to mass cultivate different species of calanoid copepods to be used as animal models and as alternative diet for fish larvae.
isabella.buttino@isprambiente.itStazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn - Napoli
Consultant Research funding PhD programmeGitte H. Dahl
Public policy, economics. demography, communication of science to non-academic stakeholders. EU funding.
ghd@ruc.dkRUC+45 46742646
DirectorKirsten Engel-Sørensen
• Breeding of marine juveniles (aquaculture) • Plankton dynamics • Fish larvae and fish eggs (evaluation of spawning potential, survival and transport) • General marine ecology • Knowledge of proposal writing and coordination of EU projects • EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) studies/effects on fish, fish larvae and fish eggs.
Professor, IMPAQ project leaderBenni W. Hansen
Biological oceanography, zooplankton ecology, food web ecology, marine zooplankton biochemistry, zooplankton physiology, aquaculture. Has headed Research Council supported Research programmes several times during the past years, and has participated in two major EU-projects as work package leader.
bhansen@ruc.dkRUC+45 46742406
ProfessorJiang-Shiou Hwang
Zooplankton, Aquaculture, Ecology and Behavior of Copepods, Sensory Biology of Marine Animals, Marine Biology, Ecology of Coral Reefs, Zooplankton Ecology, Copepodology. Taiwan Ocean University
Senior ScientistHans H. Jakobsen
My research has in particular focused on interaction among protist and metazoans, mainly copepods and how ingested protists are transferred in the food web. I have also paid attention the plankton organism autecology and the effect of climate changes on the future ocean.
hhja@dmu.dkAarhus University - NERI
Professor, Head of SectionThomas Kiørboe
Biological oceanography, zooplankton behavioural ecology, phytoplankton ecology, small-scale physical biological interactions in the plankton. Has continuously headed Research Council supported Research programmes during the past 20+ years, and.
tk@aqua.dtu.dkDTU AQUA+45 35883401
ProfessorKurt Buchmann
Fish Pathology; Fish Parasitology; Fish Immunology; pathogen/Host Interactions; Disease Control Aquaculture; Aquatic zoonoses
Associate professorMax Nielsen
The field of work is economic research and public consultancies, teaching and dissemination. Applied research and public consultancies includes the subjects fisheries and aquaculture economics, bio-economic modelling and fisheries management, international fish trade and markets, fish demand, supply and price formation and interactions between fisheries management, fish markets, aquaculture and trade policies.
Post-DocRasmus Nielsen
DirectorAnders Thinggaard Pedersen
turbotmaximus@yahoo.dkMaximus A/S
DirectorArne Rusbjerg
teamstr@gmail.comVenø Fisk og Skaldyr A/S
Associate professorAlf Skovgaard
ProfessorSami Souissi
Sami.Souissi@univ-lille1.frUniversité Lille - UMR LOG
Senior ResearcherSvend Steenfeldt
Specialized in nutritional aspects of larvae of fish and shellfish. Aquaculture consultant. Specialised in larval rearing of marine fish and shellfish. Marine research on recruitment biology of tropical marine gastropods. Effects of land drainage on surface fresh water resources. Marine research on population size estimates on populations of benthic marine mollusks and rearing of tropical marine gastropods.
sjs@aqua.dtu.dkDTU AQUA+45 35883258
Senior Researcher, Head of SectionJosianne Støttrup
Dr. Støttrup has served in ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) ACME (Advisory Committee for the Marine Environment) and MHC (Marine Habitat Committee) for several years. She has coordinated several national and international scientific research projects, including larger EU projects, and several national applied-science projects examining impacts of human activities. Dr. Støttrup has teaching experience at university level and has supervised over 25 Masters, acted as external supervisor for one PhD, and is presently supervising two PhD students. Publications include 3 book chapters and 28 peer-reviewed publications, 17 of which as primary author. Also 14 ICES papers, 3 EU reports and 28 DFU (DTU Aqua) reports and a number of popular scientific papers.
jgs@aqua.dtu.dkDTU AQUA+45 35883442